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Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island – Squirrel Inspections

The need for Squirrel Removal in Sullivans Island, SC has drastically increased, due to higher population and newer homes. For the most reliable and thorough company in the midstate, look no further than Alpha Wildlife. Every technician is nationally certified and trained in squirrel removal and squirrel removal prevention. We can solve all your squirrel removal problems, including, prevention, sanitization, even insulation replacement. Call now for a free assessment!

Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island – Squirrel Damage Possibilities

Unfortunately, if you see squirrels on your roof, there is a good possibility that the squirrels are chewing on your Sullivans Island home. Squirrels in Sullivans Island don’t need much room to enter and will chew almost anything they come in contact with. Squirrels also leave a lot of waste in your insulation that can easily cause damage to dry wall. Leaving the Squirrels in the attic for a long period of time, can cause major damage. Whether it’s the insulation being ruined with urine, feces, etc. or its electrical wires being chewed on, the damage can be severe. Call Alpha Wildlife to handle the squirrel removal in Sullivans Island, SC safely, humanely, and permanently. 

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Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island – Squirrels in the Attic

In many cases, squirrels fall down chimney flu’s and get stuck and have to be taken out. You can read about various removal processes, or call your local Sullivan’s Island area wildlife removal experts.

Squirrel removal is one of our specialties, along with squirrel prevention and restoring your Sullivan’s Island area home from squirrel damage. Professional wildlife trappers will inspect your home for entry points, set up traps, look for babies, clean and sanitize the area, seal the entry and discuss squirrel prevention in the Sullivan’s Island, SC area. We’ll also take the squirrels to a safer environment. Alpha Wildlife offers competitive pricing and use humane methods.

Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island – Why Did The Squirrel Choose Your Attic?

Most often, squirrels find their way into homes in search for a secluded, safe and quiet place to give birth. Sometimes their natural habitat has been removed or they feel they are in danger, so they look for another dry, secluded place to store their food.

Various animals find their way into our homes, but one of the most obvious signs you have a squirrel in your home is if you hear strange or unexpected noises in your attic, walls, under the floors or in your chimney early in the morning and in the evening. This is when squirrels are most active. Many animals are nocturnal, so you only hear them at night. Often, you’ll hear a ‘scratching’ noise or very quick scurrying around. Rats can also be active during the day.

Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island – Squirrel Diseases

Squirrels leave urine and feces in attics, and carry parasites, making them carriers for the diseases that fleas, ticks, and more can transmit and spread. They leave lots of droppings, which can expose you to health risks such as leptospirosis or salmonella.

Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island

Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island – Squirrel Damage

The teeth of squirrels never stop growing. So, to combat that, they need to chew. They chew electrical wires, create insulation damage, and contaminate your attic and home with their feces and urine.

Unfortunately, if you have squirrels or trees near your Sullivan’s Island area home, squirrel chewing on your home can be a problem.  Squirrels don’t need much room to enter and will chew almost anything they come in contact with. Squirrels also leave a lot of waste in your insulation that can easily get you sick as well as cause damage to dry wall.

Squirrel Removal Sullivans Island –  Alpha Wildlife

Make sure to choose the Sullivans Island wildlife removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about our squirrel removal and prevention services in the greater Charleston, SC area, call us at (843) 212-9076 Contact our Squirrel removal experts to learn more!

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