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Squirrel Removal From Walls In North Charleston

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Think you have a squirrel inside your walls? Or is there an odor coming from your wall cavity?

If you hear noises in the morning and evening that move upwards or downward, there’s a good chance it’s a squirrel in your North Charleston home. Squirrels find their way into homes in search for a secluded, safe and quiet place to give birth. The narrow nature of wall cavities are perfect for squirrels as there’s a smaller chance of predators sneaking up on them. The warmth and darkness are similar to the environment of a den. Most of the time they’re just looking for a safe nesting place where their babies will be safe and dry.

We Remove Squirrels From Walls

Be proactive and hire a wildlife removal specialists in the North Charleston area to remove the squirrel for you before it has babies or causes major damage. Professional wildlife trappers will inspect your home for entry points, set up traps, look for babies, clean and sanitize the area, and seal the entry.

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    Squirrel Removal & Prevention Services

    Most people don’t have the experience or equipment necessary to get into your wall cavity safely and then professionally seal it up after the animals have been removed.

    Instead, call Alpha Wildlife Charleston for any wildlife removal needs. We have many years of expertise in wildlife habits and experience in trapping humanely, relocating squirrels to a safer environment, fixing entry points, and cleaning and sanitizing areas inhabited by the squirrel(s). Our team is also experienced in prevention techniques.

    After the squirrels in your wall are removed, It’s also a great idea to check your attic to see if any other squirrels are there (including baby squirrels) and have caused any damage or fire hazard.

    If left for a few days, you could have babies on your hands, or a squirrel carcass, which could attract other wildlife, and insects.

    Have Squirrels In Your Walls? We Can Help.


    If your North Charleston home is needing the help of a professional squirrel removal and exclusion company to remove squirrels from your walls, contact the squirrel control experts at Alpha Wildlife Charleston today! We proudly serve  Daniel Island,  Folly Beach,  Isle of Palms,  James Island,  Kiawah IslandNorth Charleston,  Seabrook IslandSullivan’s Island,  SummervilleWest Ashley and the surrounding Charleston, SC metro.