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Expert Snake Removal Services in Charleston, SC

In the Charleston area, the indigenous snake population is essential for natural rodent control. However, when these slithering inhabitants venture into residential spaces or pose threats in outdoor areas, it becomes a cause for alarm. Our expert snake removal services in Charleston are tailored to mitigate these risks, offering a safe and effective solution to maintain the balance between nature and your personal safety.

If you’re looking to keep your family safe from dangerous snakes or needing to remove snakes from your home, it’s time to call the snake removal experts at Alpha Wildlife Charleston.

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snake removal in Charleston

Once our snake removal experts arrive at your property, we will inspect your home for where the snakes are located along with possible entry points to your home. Whether through a crack in your foundation or an exterior vent, these snakes can twist and turn in order to gain access into your home.

Removing Snakes From Homes In Charleston

If instead you have a dangerous snake situation outside your home which poses a threat to your family’s outdoor living area, we will locate and remove the snake from your yard. 

As we perform this snake removal service to homes throughout the Charleston area, we make sure to abide by all state and federal laws concerning snake removal. We take pride in providing our extraordinary service and trust our NWCOA-certified professionals to serve you with outstanding customer service.

Get Rid Of Pesky Snakes

Snake Removal Company Charleston SCFor all of your snake removal and trapping needs in the greater Charleston area, contact Alpha Wildlife Charleston today!

Alpha Wildlife Charleston proudly serves the greater Charleston, SC area with high quality animal removal and exclusion services for rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, possums, snakes & birds.

Safe Removal of Venomous Snakes in Charleston

In Charleston, the presence of venomous snakes can pose a significant threat to the safety of homeowners and their families. Recognizing the critical need for specialized intervention, our snake removal services in Charleston are specifically designed to handle these dangerous reptiles. With a deep understanding of the local venomous snake species, our team employs safe, humane, and effective techniques to remove these threats from your property. Trust in our expertise for the safe removal of venomous snakes in Charleston, ensuring your environment remains secure for all its inhabitants.

Understanding the Behavior & Risk of Snakes in Charleston

In the Charleston area, the behavior and risk associated with snakes can vary widely, making it essential for residents to stay informed. Our comprehensive snake removal services in Charleston not only focus on safely removing these reptiles but also on educating the community about their habits and potential dangers. From the non-venomous species that pose minimal risk, to the venomous varieties that require immediate attention, understanding these aspects is crucial for coexisting safely. By recognizing signs of snake presence and their behavior patterns, our Charleston-based services help mitigate risks, ensuring your home and outdoor spaces remain safe for everyone.

1. Trapping

After detecting the wildlife and the area, we will come up with a trapping solution that is efficient and ethical.

2. Prevention

Once we have removed the wildlife from your property, we make sure strategies are in place to prevent the problem from repeating.

3. Repair

If any damage was made to your property prior to trapping, we will come up with a solution to handle any repairs.