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Remove Rats From Your West Ashley Property

Rats and the damage they cause can be a big nuisance to homes and commercial businesses in the greater West Ashley area. Even though properties put basic preventative measures into place, rats can take advantage of small gaps in foundations or in siding to find a way into a structure.

If you’re hearing noises in your soffit, attic or walls, these pitter-patter and rustling sounds may come from one or many rats that have gotten into your home. These rodents can take advantage of any small opening in your home exterior or foundation and use it as an entry into a safe shelter and food source.

However many rats you’re dealing with, these critters are able to cause an incredible amount of trouble by leaving droppings, eating your easily accessible food, chewing through electrical wire and gnawing on wooden or plastics items.

At Alpha Wildlife Charleston, our experienced rat removal exterminators will assess the damage to your West Ashley home and inspect the possible areas where the rats may be traveling in order to trap and get rid of them. We can perform these rat removal services via traps and an effective rodenticide.

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Experienced Rat Control Company

Even though getting rid of rats in your home is an important step in the process, arguably, the most important step is the exclusion process. Once our rat control team has successfully removed the rats in your home or business we will complete rat exclusion measures to make sure no rats enter your home through the same area.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of one rat or many rats that you’ve found in your home or business, it’s time to contact the premier rat control services in West Ashley. Contact the rat removal professionals at Alpha Wildlife Charleston today to get rid of your home or business’ rat issues!

After searching for and repairing any possible entry points along the exterior of your home along with any concerning areas on your home’s interior, your house should not be seeing any more rodent activity.

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To learn more about rat control, removal and prevention in the West Ashley, SC area, follow us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram or call us at (843) 212-9076. If you hear scurrying or scratching in your attic, walls or floors, call your West Ashley rat control professionals as soon as possible. Our rodent removal team is licensed and trained and will provide expert services with high quality customer service.

Contact our professional rat removal technicians to remove rats in attics, walls, roofs/soffits, crawl spaces and chimneys.

We service surrounding areas including Daniel Island, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, James Island, Kiawah Island, North Charleston, Seabrook Island, Sullivan’s Island, Summerville, West Ashley and the surrounding Charleston, SC metro.

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