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Rat Removal From Walls In Isle of Palms, SC


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Have Rats In Your Walls?

Do you hear noises going up and down your walls in your Isle of Palms home? This is one clear sign that you might just have a rat problem in your house walls.

Hearing this annoying sound during the early morning or nighttime hours can be extremely frustrating if you’re trying to get to sleep or spend some time relaxing. Even though these rodents can cause you to miss out of peace and quiet, the damage they cause has the possibility of far outweighing the nuisance of hearing them.

How Do Rats Enter Your Home?

Many house owners in the Isle of Palms area think that they may be immune to experiencing rodent problems since they haven’t experienced anything like it before. However, many years of weathering and small damages to your home can be just what rats need to chew their way into your home. Whether the damage occurs on your foundation, windows, home exterior trim, siding or any other area of your home.

Since many homes begin to deteriorate in these areas, rodents are able to find ways into your home via voids in your siding, cracks in your foundation, and crawling along tree branches onto your roof and finding their way into walls. Once the rats have made their way inside your walls, they can end up causing many different kinds of damage.

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    What Should You Do If You Hear A Rat In Your Walls​

    It’s very important to be proactive and hire a rat removal specialists in the Isle of Palms area to remove the rat for you before it has babies or causes extensive damage to your home. Our professional rodent trappers will inspect your house for entry points, set traps, look for any signs of nests and babies, and then clean and sanitize the area once the rat has been trapped. To finish the service, we will make sure to seal the entry to prevent future rats from entering your house walls.

    Difficulties Of Having Rats In Walls

    Most people don’t have the experience to get into house walls in order to get rid of mice and rats. Nor do they have the equipment and skill necessary to professionally seal it up after the rats have been removed. Call Alpha Wildlife for any rodent removal needs you have in the greater Isle of Palms area. We have many years of expertise in wildlife habits and experience getting rid of rats from homes, fixing the entrance points, and sanitizing the areas where the rats was located in your walls. Our team is also experienced in prevention techniques.

    After the rats in your wall are removed, It’s also a great idea to check your attic to see if any other rats have made their way up there and have caused any damage or fire hazard.

    Keep Rats Out Of Your Isle of Palms House Walls

    If you’d like to learn more about our high quality rat removal and prevention from walls in Isle of Palms, SC area, call us at (843) 212-9076. If you hear scurrying or scratching in your house walls along with noticing damage to your foundation, siding or soffit area, call your NWCOA-certified Isle of Palms rat removal specialists as soon as possible.

    Our team is licensed and trained and will provide professional services with exemplary customer service. We will inspect and assess every part of your home, from ground to roof, to identify all areas of entry. Our wildlife removal professionals will then provide you with a free estimate. The estimate includes removal, fixing all entry points, along with clean-up, repair, replacement and odor control.

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