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Reliable and Professional Charleston Raccoon Removal Services

Known for their mischievous behavior during the night hours, raccoons are able to cause incredible damage to homes; both on the interior and exterior. If you’ve been noticing loud noises coming from your attic, trash strewn across your driveway, or damage to your roof vents. It’s time to call a professional raccoon removal company to address the situation.

Here at Alpha Wildlife Charleston, our professional wildlife control services specialize in removing troublesome raccoons from homes in the greater Charleston area.

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Raccoon Removal Company In Charleston SC

Though these creatures may seem fuzzy and cute when they’re babies, they can grow into nighttime troublemakers who ravage properties in order to find food and shelter. When you call our reliable raccoon removal team, we will respond in a timely manner in order to return peace and quiet to your home as soon as possible.

Expert Home Raccoon Removal and Humane Trapping Solutions

Once we arrive on your property we will closely inspect your home in order to determine the exact entry location to your house along with spotting any other damage to your home exterior. A few popular areas where raccoons can gain entry into your home include garages, chimneys, roof-soffit intersections, ducts and rooflines. Though your house may seem fairly secure, these damaging creatures are able to find ways to get into your home if they are determined enough.

After finding the entry location, we can enter your attic, crawlspace or whatever area they may be in to confirm their presence and develop a plan to remove the raccoons. Oftentimes, live traps are the best and most humane method of trapping and removing the raccoon from your home. Once we have captured the raccoon, we will check to see if there are any babies in the attic or crawlspace area and then proceed with cleaning up the area. After disinfecting and deodorizing the area, we will repair the damage caused by the raccoon and perform exclusion methods to make sure it doesn’t gain reentry into the house.

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Alpha Wildlife: Expert Raccoon Removal & Exclusion Services in Charleston

If you’re facing unwelcome raccoon visitors in your home or business, Alpha Wildlife Charleston is here to help. Our team of experts specializes in raccoon removal and exclusion, ensuring these creatures are safely returned to their natural outdoor habitats in the greater Charleston area. Reach out to us today for effective and humane raccoon control solutions tailored to your specific needs!

Alpha Wildlife Charleston proudly serves the greater Charleston, SC area with high quality animal removal and exclusion services for rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, possums, snakes & birds.

1. Trapping

After detecting the wildlife and the area, we will come up with a trapping solution that is efficient and ethical.

2. Prevention

Once we have removed the wildlife from your property, we make sure strategies are in place to prevent the problem from repeating.

3. Repair

If any damage was made to your property prior to trapping, we will come up with a solution to handle any repairs.